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Also available: Before & After School Clubs - St Mary's C of E School, Twickenham (contact Anna/Katie for details of dates, availability and cost)

"Logic will get you from A-B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

Albert Einstein

As pupils progress through the club, we aim to build confidence and help them to trust in their own ideas and imaginations, gently guiding them through a wide range of drama techniques and improvisation games that encourage support, listening, empathy, teamwork and adaptability in a fun and playful way.

All lessons are tailored to the children we teach and we pride ourselves on adapting and evolving work at a pace that they are comfortable with. Our aim is to give children the space and time to develop skills, build confidence and explore new concepts & ideas over the course of a year with us. Autumn becomes a term of experimentation with doors opening to a supportive, closed audience at the end of term. With the exception of explorative drama (see timetable for more details) Spring is set aside for our Juniors to devise a brand new piece of theatre and Summer sees us present this work in a fab Showcase at the Exchange Theatre. It's a colourful, dynamic, joyful way to end the Drama year!

WRDC Juniors (5-7 yrs): About Us
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